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ABIGAIL SPERRY piano, vocals


Her music studies began at an early age with violin and cello in her hometown, Middlebury, Vermont. She later took up formal piano studies at the age of 12 and credits her classical chops to her rigorous studies with concert pianist, Diana Fanning at Middlebury College. After earning a Master's Degree in Spanish Literature in Madrid, Spain, she moved to the Dominican Republic where she developed a taste for music of the Caribbean. She has been Sabor’s pianist for over four years, further expanding her studies with Burlington Jazz pianist, Tom Cleary and perfecting her montunos with various Latin pianists, including Merengue Dynamo, Kuki Carbuccia. One of the highpoints of her experience with this style of music was a series of master classes with Latin- Jazz virtuoso, Eddie Palmieri

“It is a joy to play with Abigail Sperry in a band… she plays with lots of heart and soul”.

Dave Grippo, Saxophonist